Stuttering Support Groups -- Northern California 


National Stuttering Association
(Northern California)

San Jose Chapter Meetings
2nd  Wednesday of each month

Kaiser Hospital -- Santa Clara


Chapter Leader: Jeff Olevson

At our well attended meeting July 12, 2006 Howard Delman officially resigned as our chapter leader.  Leadership I have very much enjoyed over the years.  And am pleased to see that it has made him a far wiser person.  Stepping down, Howard nominated Jeff Olevson (21, our newly graduated meteorologist) as our new chapter leader unopposed by any of our members who wisely raised their hands to do so.  And we all hope to see Jeff acquire the strength and wisdom that Howard and Mel and I and many others have benefited from in our involvement in the stuttering self-help movement over the years.  Good luck Jeff.

Geoffrey (" not 'Jeff' ")

From Jeff:
Our meetings are held at the new Kaiser hospital located on the corner of Homestead Road and Lawrence Expressway. Our meeting will be in Conference Center 196, rooms A3 and A4. Parking is available in Member Parking Lot B. To get to the conference room center, you should enter through the west lobby. The west lobby entrance is located on Homestead Road and Parking Lot B is located directly across from the West Lobby entrance. When you enter the West Lobby, walk straight down the hallway and you will run into conference center 196. Look for the signs to direct you to rooms A3 and A4. Note: The conference center 196 is not in the main hospital; it is in the medical office building.

Jeff Olevson
SJ Chapter Leader
(408) 203-2005

Directions to the Kaiser Hospital are as follows:

Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara
710 Lawrence Expressway, on the corner of Homestead Road and Lawrence Expressway. The new hospital is located down Homestead Road a mile or so from the old hospital. From the old hospital, go down Homestead Road toward Cupertino/Sunnyvale/ Los Altos. Go past Lawrence Expressway. Turn Left at the stoplight just past Lawrence Expressway; you will be forced to turn into the hospital parking lot. Park in the parking lot to your left.

For a map, click here:



Stuttering Foundation of America
"Since 1947 ~ Helping Those Who Stutter"
yeah, they've been in the vineyard the longest and know it best.
Reasonably priced publications.  Wisdom.
They know the therapy and help train those top therapists.

The "Stuttering Home Page" -- *the* worldwide reference site on stuttering. -- "this is where you start"

The Speak Easy International Foundation, Inc.
Bob Gathman
233 Concord Drive
Paramus, NJ 07652-4543
Phone: (201) 262-0895

The National Stuttering Association:
It's the biggest stuttering self-help organisation now.
Come visit our San Jose Chapter soon!

Friends (The Association of Young People Who Stutter)
Like the NSA but for teens and kids.  This is my (Geoffrey's) own personal website.  Humor.  
Commentary on my involvement with the stuttering self-help movement since '71.  




San Jose History
(Caveat: as to when stuttering support groups actually began in San Jose or anywhere is "anyone's guess")

Mel Hoffman: pretty much is San Jose NSA .. "retired", eh? .. we'll see..
Former President (thinks he's 'resigned').  Building our San Jose vineyard since ~'82, into the most successful chapter in the Bay Area.  Formerly with the ISA (International Stuttering Assoc.), an international umbrella group for stuttering support groups around the world.

Former NSA Presidents ("Chapter Leaders"):

Howard Delman
Gail Redmond
Juan Aboytes
Thomas David Kehoe

Irv Yabrov: Stanford had a group he attended 'way back' which he continued on his own starting around '78 with Juan Aboytes after meeting Bob Goldman.  Which I used to attend at his house in Los Gatos when I first came here in '80.

Joan Holland is in there around '78 with a group I believe also.  

Bob Goldman founded the NSP (National Stuttering Project) nationally around '75.  Starting here in the Bay Area.  Then Michael Sugarman took over for a couple of years before John Albach (S.F.) headed the NSP for a couple of decades followed by Annie Bradberry (L.A. area) and now Tammy Flores (NYC).  Chairman Lee Reeves honored their bylaws (in particular, the one he introduced) and stepped down having comleted his maximum term of office, and was replaced by Ed Weiss.  Actually, it's a bit confusing to me at the moment.  Tammy's stepping down I think.  But it's the Board of Directors that really runs it electing a Chairman.  Present co-chairmen are Michael McDuffie and Joseph Diaz.  The NSP is known now as the NSA (National Stuttering Association)


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